self-control hygienic health and hazard analysis (haccp) complete safety, not only for food HACCP


The nic -al was born in september 2006 from the desire to combine the needs of " health advice " even the microbiological analytical service , arrives on the market as laboratory specializing in microbiology products of animal origin.

in july 2007 i come to get the entry no. 008/bo/001 list emilia romagna regional as approved laboratory for analysis in self-control for firms food
in march 2008, obtains accreditation n ° 0795 seconds uni ISO IEC 17025:2005

over the years, the close of business consulting and laboratory -al port nic to expand their knowledge and experiences to deepen not only the management of the hazards of microbiology but also those of a biological nature ( weeds and pests ) .

In 2013 the idea was born and the management at 360 °, the nic- at the first and only becomes a point of reference for the management of health and hygiene to 360 ° and hazard analysis (haccp) reorganizing and giving birth to three operating units :

• laboratories

• prevention and remediation

• consultancy and certification
Nic-al is now an important and comprehensive point of reference for the management of health and hygiene (haccp) throughout the food industry, maintaining its specialization on the supply chains of animal origin (terrestrial and fish):

• breeding

• fodder

• processing (slaughtering, cutting and processing)

• gastronomy