Hygiene and health professionals management and hazard analysis (haccp), from  hygiene process to food security


the nic-al is the union effective and wise top professionals who combine their knowledge, experience and individuality to the study, the research, the management of health and hygiene issues in the food industry.

this combination of high professionalism and experience enables nic-al to avail the possibility to manage the hazards and biological micro 360 ° combine to the jurisdiction of the efficiency of an excellent service, our great strength and distinctive feature.
Biologists, veterinarians, agronomy and food quality specialists in the group nic-al which allows separate control of the three business areas:

• laboratory of microbiology

• prevention and remediation

• consultancy and certification

ensuring their cooperation and integration in order to address a problem or issue and valid under different points of view. nic-al has the diversity of experience and professionalism its point of force and growth.  

Each year, our customers are subject to more than 200 audits / audit checklist, qualification and certification by:
  1. control public
  2. certification bodies for certification asAudit a BRS. IFS, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 22005:07 ...
  3. GD and GDO for supplier qualification, validation. We work alongside them, prepare, monitor and verify consistency with the order to be always ready and comply with audits planned and unplanned