NIC-AL offers a NEW Service, check the labels to verificate the conformities at Regulation CE 1169/2011 "to communicate" with final customers.

For each labels there is a Certificate of Valutation CoF in accordance with Regulation CE 1169/2011

The check can evaluate the conformities about other aspects:

  1. specifics rules of products
  2. specifics rules of markets of destination
  3. specifics rules of countries to export

The service and the CoF can be in different languages, English or languages of country to destination


In specific cases:

  1. check correct decreasing order of ingredients
  2. check cross contamination of allergens
  3. check of possibility to write specific words or concepts                 

In this case there will be a audit, not only the check of labels, then there will be not only a CoF but also a report of audit.