The great success of an idea, a production site, a product is born at the time of DESIGN and we are specialists in this.
For a proper, effective and efficient management Hygienic Sanitary base is undoubtedly due to structural aspects such as:

1. provision of productive areas

2. provision of ancillary areas (locker rooms, warehouses, utility rooms)

3. machinery used

4. disposal of premises and equipment

5. flow of personnel, materials and food products (raw materials / ingredients, semi-finished and finished products
and productive as:

1. type and quantity of finished product

2. characteristics of the finished product (allergens, no GMO, BIO, etc. etc.)

3. type and quantity / quality of raw materials / ingredients
aspects especially important for pre-assessments:

1. production

2. economic

3. financial
NIC-AL FOR THIS OFFER FOR expertise and specialization
  1.  designing new plants
  2. redeveloping old impianiti
  3.  feasibility studies and investment plans
  4. management practices for REGISTRATIONS and / or HEALTH AWARDS