Even health practices or REGISTER RECOGNITION can be a problem , we will work alongside to relieve fatigue and assist them nell'iter their proper preparation and presentation.

The staff of NIC -AL also offers support for the preparation / presentation of new health practices or for the purpose of updating records / awards .

These procedures and operating modes are:

1 . establishments in the food industry, including food additives , flavorings and enzymes for use in food under Regulation (EC) No . 852/2004 on the 


hygiene of foodstuffs and Regulation ( EC) no. 853/2004 laying down specific hygiene rules for food of animal origin ;

2 . activities relating to the collection and processing of SOA is not intended for human consumption and vehicles and transport containers for such products, in accordance with Regulation (EC ) No 1069/ 2009 and Regulation (EC) 142/2011 ;

3 . activities related to the feed sector , under the Regulations (EC ) 183 /2005 and 767/2009 ;

4 . activities and facilities related to animal reproduction, in accordance with Legislative Decree 633/1996 and 132/2005 and Presidential Decree 241/1994 and 242/1994 .

5 . The manufacturing and packaging subject to the authorization procedure under Article 10 of Decree No. 111/92 on products intended for particular nutritional uses .

6 . The factories that produce food supplements (Legislative Decree 169/ 04)

7 . The factories that produce foods with added vitamins and minerals (Reg. 1925/2006 EC)