Particular attention to the microbiological risk to the products of animal origin, the guarantees required are increasingly stringent and precise ... here's how to solve them and how to ensure the safety of your products

The chain and the production of animal products is one of the most sensitive to the risk of contamination and microbiological growth.

according to this it is important, indeed crucial to identify the various types of products (fresh meat, meat products, fresh fish, shellfish, shellfish, milk, egg products and processed products of any origin) bacteria characteristic and peculiar, not only by product but also to the type of production.

This approach allows for product and production type to correctly identify the indicators of food safety and hygiene of the process, not only related to the current norms, it also allows to identify the correct microbiological indicators for testing of commercial life / shelf products in time, using common techniques and innovative ways to respond to all the needs of the agri-food production market.


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