Microbiological analysis as a tool for assessment, verification and validation process hygiene, food safety, process validation and sanitization of self-adequacy of the hazard analysis (HACCP)
Laboratorio Nical

The workshop was born in September 2006 reached important milestones , in fact the desire to pursue a path to quality and to act as a viable alternative scientific and technical market Agri-Food has allowed us to obtain: in June 2007 the ' inclusion on the list of Emilia Romagna as a recognized laboratory for analysis in the food self-control , for which in March 2008 was obtained accreditation, accreditation according to the UNI IEC ISO17025 : 2005 No. 0795 .

Our analytical services are primarily focused in the management of : Food Safety and Hygiene Process . The analytical tests are carried out on food matrices, whether raw materials , semi-finished and finished products are also analyzed as well as in environmental samples to verify the health status of the working environment and validate procedures for cleaning and sanitizing .

The laboratory Nic -Al has specialized in the Food Processing Sector , and especially in products of animal origin , Vegetable , Food and the environment for which it is responsible for helping Companies that Produce and professionals to identify the parameters of hygiene process , Food Security and responsible for the degradation products from both a legal point of view that scientific .

The specializations relating to analytical verification can see three main sections:

  • Products of Animal Origin
  • Products of Plant Origin
  • Environmental audits