Compliance with microbiological work environments and production equipment is essential for all activities of the fund AgroAlimentare , obviously with different requirements regarding the type of product , manufacture and intended use of the food


He is managing the risk of microbiological contamination also the activity of cleaning and sanitation of premises and equipment , in fact, it ensures that production and handling of the products takes place in environments and equipment in accordance with the purpose and source of microbial cross-contamination .

the analytical tests in this segment i cover the figure of tools for validation of the process of cleaning and sanitization and subsequent check its proper application and maintenance of its effectiveness over time.
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Also crucial in this case to identify the right and correct microbiological indicators for these assessments is in reference to processed products , methods of production and the technologies adopted , the analytical tests are a valuable tool for the evaluation of the hygiene of the process and procedures in fact these checks should and can be done in two main stages and well defined : pre-operational phase in order to verify the health status prior to the start of the activity and in the operational phase in order to verify that the procedure is not too insudicino micro- biologically the process and products .


In pursuit of these goals is necessary to know the products , production processes and their characteristics to identify not only the right but above indicators to identify the correct limits of evaluation , especially during the operational verification 
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