Water is a symbol of life par excellence is also an element with a very direct impact on human health , food security and the environment , that's why it must be checked and verified in all its forms, from human consumption , to production and urban use until its discharge
In the water chapter we are going to interface with various health issues , first of all identifying the parameters , frequencies and distinctions relating to:

• Water for human consumption

• Water used in the production process (whether or ingredient used for the cleaning and sanitizing )

• Source aqueduct , well, tank maintenance , etc.
Acqua consumo umano   Acqua sanificazione   Acqua irrigazione

Direct or indirect impact on food safety , Hygiene Code of the process but also the worker and the client as in the case of tourist accommodation (hotels, swimming pools) or production ( showers for the workers ) for Legionella risk .

within the waters we manage the other great chapter of water discharge superficial and not arising from the primary ( crop or livestock ) and food processing industry .

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