The risks of contamination Biological and Microbiological are the most important and diffused in the food and feed world


Nic-Al prophylaxis and reclamation was founded with the purpose of supporting the Agro Food Companies in the management of the risk of contamination of microbiological and biological, having the goal not "the middle" (the pests, the parasites, the bacterias. ..) but the scope (​​Safety Food !!!), a vision and a different perspective that makes the difference ...

Our skills, knowledge, experience and resources are made available to companies of primary production and food processing to manage, monitor and verify:


- risk of cross contamination by pest (birds, mouses, insects)

- risk of cross contamination by parasites of the food (trichinella, taenia, anisakis)

- risk of cross contamination by microbes of work's ambients (listeria, salmonella, staphylococcus aureus)

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The services offered to manage the risk of microbiological contamination and biological are conform to achieve "the target" and are comply to requests of Commissions Regulations (CE) and voluntary standards (BRC-IFS-ISO 22000: 2005).

The use of instrumentation and equipment best suited to each specific case combined with the experience and the constant and careful training of our staff are the basis of our company policy and our success.